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International Association for the Preservation of Early Californio Bridlehorses and Stockmanship

Mission Statement: ´┐╝The primary mission of the Californio Bridle Horse Association is to preserve and protect an essential and threatened part of both California and western United States history: the method of horsemanship and stockmanship developed by the early Californios.

These methods developed during the Mission Era of California and were essential in the day to day life of citizens in the coastal communities. This Californio style quickly spread throughout the western United States. Without the development of these tools and skills, Mission communities would not have flourished as they did. The success of these methods led to vibrant Mission communities and increased population, commerce and trade. Knowledge and utilization of the horsemanship methods developed during this era are being lost.

The IAPECBS, doing business as The Californio Bridlehorse Association, will run events; give community presentations, and serve as a resource for others world wide to learn the horsemanship and stockmanship methods developed during the Mission Era. Our initial event, Early Californio Skills of the Rancho, will be held in Santa Ynez, California in February 2012. This event will consist of competitions and exhibitions as a showcase for the skills developed during the Mission days. Our goal will be to run three national events of this nature with an additional three to four smaller localized events in California each year.

Operation of the Association will revolve around planning and management of event schedules, growth and operation of the Association, and development of a future horsemanship training center.

For more information, go to the Californio Bridlehorse Association website.