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Lessons and Workshops

It is our duty to question how and why we do the things we do and not just do it the way others have done it. It's the only way to grow and really understand what we are doing. Question everything and listen to the only participant in your riding whose opinion really matters: the horse you are on.

A great teacher should provide tools and observations that will help people find their own way, and to build their style as they become independent with their observations, not bound or dependent on the thoughts or teachings or a third party.

Horses are amazing teachers.
 When their students, we the rider, will not listen to them and look to every other resource (clinics, books, instructors, DVD's, chat rooms, etc.) they hang in there and endure. The horse will give true answers to whatever they are asked, even when the student only appreciates the answer they wanted to hear.

The number one fault of many systems taught and practiced throughout the world today is they are too focused on the head and what’s in front of the rider and not enough on what is supposed to be the real driving and balancing point, the rear end.

Students will be surprised at the way horses respond to this method no matter how their horses have been ridden in the past, they appreciate and respond to this style happily and willingly.

In a workshop it will become clear this old system was developed by horsemen who understood the nature of the horse and how to not lose that nature in the process of building a willing partner.

Remember it's simple not easy.

If we remember to have fun so will our horses.

For those of us that get to ride horses and have them in our lives it is a privilege. We should try and enjoy the journey and time spent with our horses not rush to some predetermined timeline or goal set by humans. We should let the horse be the guide on this journey so we don't miss the spectacular sights along the path.