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  • One-hour lesson/one person: $85.00
  • One-hour lesson/2-4 persons: $70.00/person
  • Two-hour lesson/one person: $170.00
  • Two-hour lesson/2-4 persons: $120.00/person


  • School Horse Fee: $25.00/horse/day


  • Classroom Instruction: Demos, tack, braiding, review of schooling videos, dummy roping, etc: $25.00/15 minutes or $60.00/hour.


Please Note:

  • Cattle Fee may apply
  • Visiting Ranch Charge: $25.00
  • Traveling expenses will be priced accordingly.
  • Any other fees incurred is responsibility of the person receiving the lesson (outside of our property)
  • Promptness is appreciated
  • If cancellation is necessary, please advise as soon as possible.


Lessons are for riders who are committed to learn Bruce Sandifer’s Classical Californio style of horsemanship. This system moves from the hackamore, to the 2-rein, to its goal of a spade-bit bridle horse.